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In this world, there are two types of people. Those Who have powerful "skills", and those who don't. People born with powerful skills, exterminate monsters to level up and become successful, while people without them, become failures,who are treated harshly by society. Follow the story of Fate, a guy who works as a gatekeeper, and whose only skill is gluttony, a skill that only makes him hungry.


Chapter 17: A Town Governed By Death 178 views
Vol.1 Chapter 16: Knight of the Dusk 506 views
Chapter 15: The Stout Arm That Surrounds The Sand 379 views
Chapter 14: The desert of ruin 212 views
Vol.1 Chapter 13: The Weight Of A Fist 216 views
Vol.1 Chapter 12: A Still Village 197 views
Vol.1 Chapter 11: Second Form 194 views
Vol.1 Chapter 10: Parting Road 188 views
Chapter 9: The Greedy Strike 182 views
Chapter 8 172 views
Chapter 7 172 views
Chapter 6: First Form 176 views
Chapter 5: Devouring 182 views
Chapter 4: The Dark Side Of The Heart Family 282 views
Chapter 3 182 views
Chapter 2 201 views
Chapter 1 270 views
Chapter 0 259 views


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