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  • Manga name: GOD BLESS YOU
  • Other names: Alternative : Dios Te Bendiga,갓 블레스 유,갓블레스유
  • Author(s): MilaeJu
  • Genre(s): Romance Webtoons
  • Status: On going
  • Scan/Translation group: Updating
  • Views: 230


Champion of mixed martial arts of women —'Shin Eun Hye'. The strongest woman in the world, but she is too lonely because she doesn't have a boyfriend by her side. Men are reluctant because she is a martial arts champion and does not resemble a woman at all. When


Vol.1 Chapter 28 35 views
Vol.1 Chapter 27 8 views
Vol.1 Chapter 26 8 views
Vol.1 Chapter 25 16 views
Vol.1 Chapter 24 8 views
Vol.1 Chapter 23 14 views
Vol.1 Chapter 22 13 views
Vol.1 Chapter 21 17 views
Vol.1 Chapter 20 13 views
Vol.1 Chapter 19 23 views
Vol.1 Chapter 4: Chapter 4 64 views
Chapter 3 24 views
Chapter 2 21 views
Chapter 1 41 views
Chapter 0: Prologue 34 views


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