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  • Manga name: MISS BERNARD SAID.
  • Other names: Updating
  • Author(s): Shikawa Yuki
  • Genre(s):
  • Status: On going
  • Scan/Translation group: Updating
  • Views: 5


The story centers around a lazy girl's love for famous literary works along with her bookworm friends. Sawako Miss Bernard Machida wants to be well-versed in literature but she doesn't actually read those books! Encounter various prominent works including the Bible, The Tale of t


Vol.1 Chapter 10 2 views
Vol.1 Chapter 9 0 views
Vol.1 Chapter 8 1 views
Vol.1 Chapter 7 2 views
Vol.1 Chapter 6 2 views
Vol.1 Chapter 5 2 views
Chapter 4 2 views
Vol.1 Chapter 3 4 views
Vol.1 Chapter 2 3 views
Vol.1 Chapter 1 : First Volume 4 views


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