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Due to a mistake on his student’s part, a super Martial Artist received the wrong class in an online game and has become a mage. He, who was used to curbing violence with violence and using strength to subdue strength, could only make the best out of this mistake. Taking on a new lease in life, he became a violent close combat mage. When strength and magic came perfectly together, a new gaming path had been opened by him!


Chapter 10 18 views
Chapter 9: Parallel World's Bug 11 views
Chapter 8.5: Rebirth Amethyst Guild 10 views
Chapter 8: Eddie's Emblem 11 views
Chapter 7: A Weak Boss 9 views
Chapter 6: Unexpected Earning 9 views
Chapter 5: Welcome to our Group 11 views
Chapter 4: Unexpected Gains 11 views
Chapter 3: Earning Something for Nothing 9 views
Chapter 2: New Friends and new Problems 11 views
Chapter 1: The Bird of A Battle Mage 12 views


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